Saturday, May 14, 2011

Not a whole lotta time

Yup, I am on my way to work and I don't have much time to entertain you guys with boring stories or lame jokes today. Just gonna give ya a video and let that do the talking for me, although, listening to the content, that probably isn't a good idea. Sometimes, I just try wayyyyyyyyyyy too hard. But maybe it works for someone? Maybe? :P

Friday, May 13, 2011

This is the blog that doesn't end!

No it goes on and on my friends! Some idiot, starting posting it not knowing what it was, and he is stuck creating posts forever just because this is the blog that doesn't end...
Okay, enough of that. Today, as per usual, I have more videos for you kids while I think up what guide I want to write next. If you feel like it, name a champion or guide type, and perhaps it shall sway my mind.
I am not responsible for any lame jokes or crappy gameplay in this heimer video. Another old video, I know, but I am running out and won't have a choice but to put new ones soon!

EDIT: As you are probably all aware, blogger royally screwed up and deleted the Rammus Guide Part 3 and also lost all of your comments in the process. Bastards. Basically means I can't answer any questions. I don't know if I will get up the effort to retype it all, but who knows? Sorry bout that guys, hate on blogger for me.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Serious Business, Part 3

Man, it just feels so lazy to post the name of the video as the name of the blog. Whatever, what is in a name anyway? Just so you guys know, I have been messing around with the new hero and playing, of course, A LOT against her. Yeah, I hate her, she is basically a ranged poppy, and having the two of them in lane together is retarded. It basically goes like this, poppy ult, dive, stun against turret, Vayne stuns them against turret again, all while dealing massive enhanced damage that resets their auto attacks. Regardless, enjoy the last of this video and we will see what comes next!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rammus Guide, Part 3

See, I only like about 50 percent of the time guys! <.<
Well, I left off in lane phase, not really discussing any specific item builds. One reason for this is that the way I play Rammus, items aren't as key as they are with other chars. Your characters disruption capacity is what makes you so valuable, and really, survivability is almost never a concern until late, late game. Normally, though, I start off with a heart of gold, even though it was nerfed, and from there, you build according to the situation.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I hate coming up for names for posts.

First off, let me say that sometimes I suck and don't post for a while. When this happens, hit up for some entertainment. He does song reviews, food reviews (Stuff he makes himself with the approval of Punkin) and a bunch of other shit.

Moving on, tomorrow I should have the time to completely and accurately finish off the rammus guide, part 3. But whatever will my viewers do until then? Fortunately, I have an outstanding video to continue, so enjoy more Heimerdinger action. Oh how I wish I had that fro..

Oh, and    :P

Monday, May 9, 2011

Just on a side note....

I forgot to mention that I hit the big 132!!!!! WOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Oh, and this is also the shortest post I will ever make. That is all. :D

So I lied...

I didn't get part 3 posted last night, mah bad guys. I had a final this morning and I have to go teach a supplemental course at the college right now, so I will give you a video to hold you over. Freakin' school, always interrupting my real life.

This is a complete bullshit game playing with hiemer. Can't be serious all the time, can we?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Rammus Guide Part 2

Now let's see, where did I leave off..... PVP!

When it comes to ganking, with Rammus I prefer to gank the lane in which the enemy champs are at least halfway pushed out in their lane. Wards are no concern if you time your powerball right, being that you blaze right past them. If you know there aren't any wards, camping in grass alongside the lane is great too. Either way, you are going to be powerballing in about halfway through your duration with powerball, just to get your speed up, and going for the target who does not have flash, or the lowest in health if they both have a flash. With powerball and red buff, the double slow effect will actually mean that flash doesn't mean much, especially with a well timed taunt. Another important note that I forgot, Summoner skills! Of course, in jungle you have to take smite with rammus, and the 2nd choice is either ghost or flash. I choose flash every time because while normally ghost lets you ignore creep collision, this effect is negated when using powerball. Because surprise is of utter importance, and movement speed plus slowing your enemy is huge on a gank, it seems like a no brainer to me. One final point is that when people know rammus and see you plowing into a set of creeps, it is always funny to flash OVER the creeps and catch them unprepared.

This phase basically continues until the laning phase ends, with you occasionally covering solo lanes that need to recover. At this point... you wait until a little later for the End Game Phase and item builds! Today, I promise.